Saturday, April 30, 2016

BTS Jeon Jungkook [gifs]

Jeon Jungkook the "golden maknae"

Such a beautiful child.

Army lets face it his already a grown up man.

kookie bunny

"King of Girl Group Dance" hahahaha
I can't help but notice Rap Monster XD

this dork hahaha....

clueless face

why does he keep on doing this face, omg. hahaha

who ever did this,... hahaha it made me laugh.

now what jungkook? hahaha
such a cutie


So cute.



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BTS Bangtan Boys (gifs)

The friendship in this group is strong!

they change in a snap [FABULOUS]

yoomin in love <3

Vmin couple

jikook in the house yea!~

this duo (jikook)  hahaha

Jimin loves Jungkook so much, he's so happy here.

this love hahaha

wait what???

rushing for the pool ^^

NamJin is love

The Trio [Maknae Line]

"the can't dance line" not anymore, they are now better in dancing. Jin and Rap Monster's dancing really improve.

Dancing to BigBang "fantastic baby'

Taehyung and Jimin is so adorable together.

no chill for this kids hahaha

Jimin: nooooo help!!!


[I don't own this gifs]